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Derick RodRozen

Deep End of the Talent Pool

As I begin to understand the client and what they expect, I integrate their ideas into a design, influenced by my own style,” says RodRozen. 

No Labels. No Boxes. No Boundaries, 

If there’s a designer working today who openly defies classification, it’s Derick RodRozen. He’s known for blending styles, which is challenging, but when done in harmony, excites and astounds clients. He’s passionate about keeping all the options open, exploring, and having fun. RodRozen melds influences from Classical European, Victorian, Traditional and Modern schools of design.


Client personality lights the fire  

The inspiration for RodRozen’s creations comes from his clients and their space. In fact, in the beginning, the creative process is really more getting to know clients on a personal level, than about the task. According to RodRozen, it’s a blend of client personality traits and their expectations that initially drive the style he blends. “As I begin to understand the client and what they expect, I integrate their ideas into a design, influenced by my own style,” says RodRozen. Interestingly, the creative journey is often one of personal discovery for RodRozen’s clients. Some clients research aspects of their own projects before the initial consultation. Some approach RodRozen without a vision and he helps them crystalize it. Either way, the journey is unpredictable and the end result unique.


Blending more than styles

 In addition to his designs, those who work with RodRozen remember his exacting standards and attention to every aspect of a project. RodRozen pulls together top people from every discipline, from start to finish, to achieve a successful design. He taps contractors he’s worked with for years, who understand his process and the level of finish work he expects from them. RodRozen insists on quality materials and  the most reliable suppliers, which is how he came to know Cambria. 

With a diversity of colors and designs, Cambria allows RodRozen to unleash his creativity to the limits and beyond. “I always describe Cambria as the Rolls-Royce of stone surfaces,” says RodRozen, “because it is simply the truth. Every time I challenge Cambria with a unique application, Cambria rises to the occasion.”


Playing Favorites

"I have to say that one of my favorite challenges is the mega renovation project, he's incorporated fabric into many designs with breathtaking results. "Playing with colors, textures, themes and so much more is just the absolute best."



Derick RodRozen is an established talent among British Columbian designers who remains on the forefront of innovation. For more than a decade, his ability to blend varied styles into a singular creative expression have impressed clients across the globe. RodRozen is supported by an exceptional creative team that helps bring his concepts to fruition.

Derick RodRozen

RodRozen Designs
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Vancouver, BC  V6G 2S3
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